"Life Will Go On"

Life will go on when your country is gone

When your policies fail and your money runs dry

When there’s no food on the table and you ask God, “Why?!”

When the cancer takes its toll, or the spouse leaves the home

When the bottle is empty and you’re done having fun, life will go on

Life will go on when we reach the stars

Life will go on if we find life on Mars

When 9,000,000,000 people inhabit this land, life will go on and on again

When the end of the world sends you running for the hills, and you’ve forgotten the thrills but remember the deals you made with God:

That you would stop after next time; you would never commit that sin again

When memory serves you well and you know life will soon end

When you despair because of all the wrong you’ve done

Look at the Son and life will go on

     - jG

You Should Know… New Video for Missions to Unreached Peoples MUP.ORG

by Mustang International PLUS 8 months 11 hours ago

Produced as a variation of other missions statistics videos in the past that updates the specific challenges and numbers associated with the number of people on the planet that have no access to hearing the gospel… as well as MUP’s call for people to join them in their efforts.

Mustang International produced this project under the direction MUP requirements - using newly written original music by Rich Douglas and new graphics specifically designed to make multiple language versions easier than normal in the future.